Past Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Past Undergraduate Students

Cecilia Spesia ’21 (PhD student in Pharmacological Sciences, University of Michigan)

Ardith Held ’21 (PhD student in Biomedical Sciences, Albert Einstein Medical School)

Jess Moszkowicz ’20 (Educational Technology Technician, Sturdy Memorial Hospital, Boston, MA)

Alecia Cunniff ’18 (Physicians Assistant Program, )

Rebecca Skaf ’17 (University of Buffalo School of Dental Medicine, class of 2022)

Caytlin Nichols ’16 (University of Oklahoma School of Dentistry)

Caytlin poster 2
Caytlin presenting her poster at ASBMB, April 2016

Stephanie Neumann ’16 (Manager, Educational Strategy at Physicians’ Education Resource)

Stephanie at her ASBMB poster, April 2016

Stephanie at her ASBMB poster, April 2016

Solange Hedmann ’16

Douglas Geertz ’16

Julie Micallizi ’14 (Case Western Reserve School of Law)

Ginny Butchy ’14 (MD, Drexel University School of Medicine, 2019, now Surgical Resident, Cooper University Health Care)

Graduation 2014 033

Alex Boivin ’13

Jennifer Mottern ’12

Irene Michailides ’12 (DO, New Jersey School of Osteopathic Medicine, 2016, now practicing in Obstetrics and Gynecology)

Victoria Pisciella ’11 (Villanova University MS in Applied Statistics ’14)

Kasey Johnson ’11 (University of Connecticut PhD ’15; currently Medical Sciences Liaison, Hologic, Inc.)

Kasey and Victoria at ASBMB, Washington DC, April 2011
Kasey and Victoria at ASBMB, Washington DC, April 2011

Kevin Backus ’11 (Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach, Rutgers University)

Huasong Tang ’11 (MD, Thomas Jefferson School of Medicine, 2015, now Chief Resident in Diagnostic Radiology, Johns Hopkins Medicine)

Harry and Kevin at ASBMB, Washington DC, April 2011
Harry and Kevin at ASBMB, Washington DC, April 2011

Frank Gassler ’11, MS ’14 (DMD, College of Dental Medicine, New England University, 2017, now owner of Gassler Dental Institute, Tampa FL)

Taseer Bhatti ’10

Stephanie Komura ’10

Aasia Ferdous ’09 (DO, West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine, 2014, now Physician specializing in Geriatrics, Jefferson Health)

Rebecca Feldmeier ’08 (MD, Thomas Jefferson School of Medicine, 2013, now Practicing Physician, University of Pittsburgh Heart and Vascular Institute)

Amy Detmer ’08

Kristi McIntyre ’08

Desiree Tetrault ’07

Amanda Conway ’06 (PhD, Duke University, 2013, now Postdoctoral Fellow, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences)

Richard Tyburski ’05 (President, IsoSciences LLC)

Past Graduate Students

Trevor McCarthy ’16 (Chemistry Instructor, Front Range Community College, Longmont, CO)

Tsemre Tessema ’13 (PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2017)

Stephanie Reichardt ’10 (Product Application Manager, Quaker Houghton)

Marianna Melendez-Diaz ’08 (Project Manager, Q2 Solutions)

Gianmarc Johns ’07 (PhD in Chemistry, University of California Irvine ’15, now Assistant Professor of Chemistry, San Jose State University)

Jibo Xia ’00

Membrane proteins and membrane-active agents